The Evening Herald, 1914

May 2, 1914, Page 9

House of Assembly

Mr. Stone. — … I also beg to present a petition from the inhabitants of Long Beach, asking for telephone connection with Northern Bight. This would be a great benefit to the people of that settlement for at present their mails are Irregular and they have no telegraph office. I trust that the Government will see Its way clear to meet the wishes of the petitioners.

I have also another petition from the inhabitants of Long Beach in the bottom of South West Arm, in the District of Trinity asking that a telephone connection be given them from Northern Bight. They have no telegraph office and no means of communication except by letter, and the mail is not regular. The petition, which is signed by about twenty five people, asks that a telephone be installed there.

Mr. Targent. – Mr. Speaker, I beg to support the petitions presented by my colleague.

Dr. Lloyd. – Mr. Speaker, I also have much pleasure in supporting the petitions.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, April 2021

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