The Evening Herald, 1920

May 12, 1920, Page 4

Sale at Loreburn
(To the Editor)

Dear Sir:– Please insert the following in your paper.
On April 20th the Ladies’ Aid of this little settlement held a sale of work and supper, and in spite of disagreeable weather, all participated in having a pleasant time. We wish very much to thank the outside friends who so largely patronized and helped to make it a success, especially Mr. E. Martin of Hillview, who helped the ladies very much in the sale of their goods.
At the closed, when the proceeds of the night were counted, we realized the sum of $45.00.
After the sale the younger people proceeded to the school-room, where an enjoyable time was also spent, and all went home feeling quite satisfied.
Wishing the Advocate every success,

I remain,
Yours truly,
One Who Helped.
Loreburn, Random South.


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, May 2021
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