The Evening Herald, 1919

May 13, 1919

Mrs. John Vey of Southport, T.B. is at present in town on a business trip. She will leave for home by Sunday’s Express.



May 23, 1919, Page 3

House of Assembly

I have another petition which I would like to present from the people of St. Jones Without, asking that the place be linked up with Little Heart’s Ease by telephone. This request is a reasonable one and it is the desire of the people of the latter place that they have telephone connection, as at present there is no communication between these places at the disposal of the inhabitants. I trust that in the near future, the Government will accede to the prayer of the petitioners.


May 23, 1919

House of Assembly, Wednesday, April 9th (continued)

Minister of Marine and Fisheries:- Mr. Speaker, I beg to present petitions from the inhabitants of Little Heart’s Ease, Heart’s Delight, New Harbour and Whiteway, on the subject of roads. The people of Little Heart’s East ask for $350, the people of New Harbor, $50 Hearts Delight, $350 and Whiteway $300. The amounts asked for by the petitioners are absolutely necessary for the improvements which they desire and which in time must surely come. As a matter of fact, we are expecting today to keep up our roads, bridges and wharves with the same amount of money that we used twenty years ago. We need today a much larger grant, or our roads, bridges and wharves will surely drop down, and go out of existence altogether. Labor has gone up, material has gone up, and fifty dollars today is no better than fifteen dollars was four years ago. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary, if we wish to keep up our public works, to grant larger amounts. We cannot possibly keep up our roads with the insignificant amounts voted at the present time, especially as there is a great deal more traffic going over them than there was a few years back. Where a few years ago there would be an occasional hand cart or wheelbarrow, today every man has a little team of his own, and for that reason there is more traffic, and larger amounts must be spent to keep the roads in condition. I would request that these petitions be received and passed over to the department to which they relate.


September 23, 1919

Boat Destroyed by Fire

The following message was received last evening by the Department of Marine and Fisheries from Southport, T.B.:  Moses Barter [Baker], Heart’s Ease, coming from St. John’s on Saturday night, boat took fire, lost boat engine and fishing gear valued at seven hundred dollars, barely escaped with their lives.  Wm. Flynn.



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