The Evening Telegram, 1899

February 10th, 1899

Schooner building. — Schooner building continues to be quite a prominent industry in Trinity Bay. The present winter an unusually large number of schooners and boats are being built in Random Sound. John Vardy is building a fine 50-ton schooner in Hickman’s Harbor, and Richard Seward a 35-tonner at Fox Harbor.


February 22, 1899, Page 4

A Clarenvllle Correspondent Corrects Some More Misstatements of the Government Press.
(Editor Evening Telegram.)
Dear Sir,— While reading the Evening Herald of the 10th February, I noticed an item from a correspondent of Clarenville rather misrepresenting this locality. He speaks of “a lot of logs being hauled out of the woods,” ” mills being built,” and “people being in good circumstances.” Allow me to say, in reply, that there are no more than quarter as many logs being hauled out of the woods as in years gone by. I think the mills that are built were built before the Heralds correspondent
Took Up His Abode amongst us. And as to the people being in good circumstances, I don’t think, sir, that that correspondent knows much about the circumstances of the people who live around here. I presume, if the Herald’s correspondent had to live like some of us have had to live, he would not call it “good circumstances.” I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I state right here that there are people in this place who would like Their Circumstances very much bettered. It is a positive fact that the times here are nothing like so good as they used to be. Why, it was only to-day that I was told that a man had his last barrel of flour opened. Does that look like “good circumstances.” Mr. Edmund Seward is building a new schooner at Clarenvilie, and that is the only thing done in this place more than usual. Hoping sir, that you may find space for the above, I am, etc.,
B. Clarenville, Feb. 16, ’99.


June 10, 1899

On Wednesday, June 7th, at the residence of his brother (Young’s Street), after a short illness, James Drover, aged 66 years; leaving a wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters to mourn their sad loss; his remains were sent to his home at Random, Trinity Bay.


September 22, 1899

Personal Notes

A mill swept away – We learn from Random Sound, Trinity Bay, that a saw mill, erected by the Smiths of Island Cove, at the South West Arm, was swept seventy yards away from the original position by the late floods. The mill had been sawing but one hour when it was swept away with all its contents.


October 13, 1899


THE schooner Victoria, Capt. Edmund Seward, arrived from the Banks yesterday with a fairly good trip of 150 qtls. fish. Capt. Seward started on salted squid, and after a short time managed to jig some fresh, when they loaded dory after dory as fast as they could take up their trawls. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday heavy gales of wind were experienced, and a sea breaking over the little schooner drove a puncheon of oil against the companion. Taking everything into consideration, Capt. Seward decided to bear up for St. John’s. He fished on the Virgins, and is now ready to start again.



November 15, 1899

Meeting out Justice
In Police Court
(Before Judge Conroy)

Richard Hopkins vs. Joseph Green, Trinity Ray, was a case that occupied the Court for two hours. Hopkins Agreed to Make a Spar for Capt. Green’s schooner, and it was left to his own discretion as to dimensions. When the spar was made, Green said it was too small, and refused to take it. Hopkins then brought the matter Into Court. The matter was postponed till to-morrow in order that plaintiff may bring rebuttal evidence to show that the spar was not rotten, an issue that came out in the course of the evidence, and on which plaintiff was not counting, the Question of size being the only objection. F. J. Mofrls for plaintiff; F. Mews for defendant. SUPREME COURT. » (Be/ore the Chief Justice.) B. Smith vs. W. B. Grieve* THE case of R. Smith versus W. B. Grieve, for erecting


December 11, 1899

Four new schooners are being built at Heart’s Ease this winter. They will range from 25 to 50 tons each. They are being built by Thos. Stringer, Eleizar [Eleazar] Drodge, William Piddle [Peddle] and Daniel Shaw.


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