The Evening Telegram, 1900

May 31, 1900

OFF FOR LABRADOR.—Mr. Stephen Smith, of Hodge’s Cove, T.B., is now ready with supplies to sail for home, thence to Labrador. Mr. Smith has been for forty-four years prosecuting the fishery without having spent one season at home. Fish or no fish, this will be his last season in active service, as he intends retiring.


August 27, 1900


at Northern Bight

This morning at 11:30 our quiet neighborhood was startled by immense clouds of smoke emanating from the house of Mr. David Cooper, which in the short space of half an hour ended in its complete destruction. He was melting tar on the kitchen stove, and was called outside for a moment for some purpose, when the tar took fire, and on his return it was too late. Everything he was owner of was completely destroyed, the worst feature being his hard-earned fifty dollars consumed by the angry flames. Such a loss casts a gloom over the place. The season was dark enough without this. His loss is indeed severe; its effect will be felt for years. Mr. Cooper was mail carried on the arm until quite recently.

R.H. Maddock, Northern Bight, August 22nd, 1900


Transcribed by Wanda Garrett and Lester Green, September 2014; Latest updated May 2021

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