The Evening Telegram, 1902

May 2, 1902


One of the prettiest vessels ever built in the country will be launched in a few days at Northern Bight, T.B. She is being built by Mr. Joseph Drodge, for Mr. Martin, of Bell Island. The vessel will -sur about 60 tons and is built after the American ” tooth-pick” style. Her builder is an experienced shipwright, he having built four vessels previous to this. Last year he visited Boston and Gloucester, for the purpose of securing plans and models for shipbuilding purposes. Mr. Drodge has given a lot of employment at Northern Bight the past winter and deserves great credit for his enterprise.


June 13, 1902

 ET 1902 6 13  A PRETTY VESSEL

ONE of the prettiest little vessels seen in St. John’s this spring is now at Baird, Gordon & Co.’s wharf. She is new, being only off the stocks a few weeks. Her builder is Captain E. Peddle, who also owns and commands her. She was built in Hodge’s Cove, S.W. Arm of Random, T. B., and is the work of competent builders, who have constructed her especially for bounty. Her name will be the Alfrida, and will be registered by Mr. Alcock. Her crew say that she is a splendid sailer and a most trustworthy ship, having been out in last Friday’s storm, and came through unscathed. The vessel will be used at the Labrador fishery this summer, and is now taking supplies for same. Captain Peddle has shown himself to be a first-class builder, and is to be congratulated on being the owner of such a splendid schooner.

Transcribed by Wanda Garrett and Lester Green, September 2014; Latest updated March 2021

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