The Evening Telegram, 1905

April 7, 1905

Meeting out Justice – … Seth Styles, twenty-five, fisherman, of Northern Bight, brought in by Sergeant Cox this morning, was accused of the larceny of ten dollars from the shop of Mr. J.C. Fearn at Harbor Buffett in 1903. the case was not adjucated upon this morning and the accused is held in the lock-up.


April 11, 1905

Larceny Case Postponed – Sergt. Cox of Whitbourne, who came to the city on Friday last with a prisoner for alleged larceny, returned home again today. The case, which is against a man from Northern Bight, T.B., had to be postponed till the arrival in town of Mr. J.C. Fearn, of Harbour Buffett, who is a witness. The latter is now in the city, and the case will proceed with.



Transcribed by Wanda Garrett, March 2021

These transcriptions may contain human errors. As always, confirm these as you would any other source material.