The Evening Telegram, 1907


January 28, 1907

Mr. Levi Frost left town yesterday afternoon en route for Bay de Verde. Two mining experts came by train and went down with Mr. Frost to inspect the iron ore deposits there and to make arrangements for the opening of work in the
spring. An expert had been on the claim last summer and examined the property on behalf of an English firm. The prospects for the commencement of active work seem promising, and those interested stand a good chance of being repayed for their long holding on the claims.



March 21, 1907

Four Prisoners Arrive

Two Sewards, Johnston and Strong Charged with Stealing from the Reif-Nfld. Co. Head Constable Dawe arrived last evening by the Bruce express from Clarenville in charge of four prisoners — James Johnston, Nicholas Strong, Bartholomew Seward and Richard Seward. These men are charged with the larceny of several articles at different periods. Some time ago the Reid-Nfld. Co. made a complaint to the Inspector-General that some boxes had been missing from their station at Clarenville. Head Constable Dawe was dispatched to look up the thieves. After some “cute” moves being made by him On the Detective “Checker-board,” he arrested James Johnson, who was in the employ of the company. Johnson admitted his guilt; then the “Head” arrested Richard Seward. The boxes were stolen, it is said, about Christmas last from the railway siding; one of them contained liquor and the other combs (used by women to adorn their hair), a number of which were distributed around the settlement by Johnson to his friends. Nicholas Strong was the next prisoner arrested. He was charged with stealing a box containing liquor which was missed about a year ago, and which was hidden under a bridge. Bartholomew Seward is charged with opening a box of liquor in the freight shed with Johnson. Head Constable Dawe locked two of them in the bedroom at the railway station at Clarenville, and kept guard over them all night. They will be brought up before Judge Flannery this afternoon for trial.


March 22, 1907

Prisoners Sentenced

At 3 o’clock last evening, James Johnson, 19, laborer, Richard Seward, 18, laborer, Bartholomew Seward, 18, laborer, and Nicholas Strong, 18, laborer, all of Clarenville, were arraigned before Judge Flannery, charged with stealing articles from the Reid-Nfld. Co.’s stores at that settlement. When charged with the theft they all pleaded guilty. The Judge postponed the hearing of the case until this forenoon at 10:30, when they were escorted from the cells below to the police court by Head Dawe, who so ably worked on the clues which led to their capture. James Johnson was sentenced to two months imprisonment in the Penitentiary, Richard Seward and Bartholomew Seward to 30 days each. Nicholas Strong was arraigned for maliciously destroying the windows of the dwelling house owned by the Reid-Nfld. Co. at Clarenville, the charge of theft not being preferred against him. For this offence he was sentenced to 30 days. The prisoners were taken to the Penitentiary at 2 o’clock. Sir James Winter appeared for the Reid-Nfld. Co. while Supt. Sullivan conducted the case for the crown.


May 25, 1907

The crew of the schooner Hypastia, now in port, say that on their way here from Trinity they were told that nearly forty sheep were destroyed by dogs last week at Hodge’s Cove, Trinity Bay. These vicious animal are plenty in that neighborhood.


June 11, 1907


Mr. J. Vey Loses Lot of Property.

A fire broke out in a stable belonging to Mr. John Vey, Long Beach, Random, S.W. Arm, on Monday, and completely destroyed the building and all its contents, including a fine code trap worth $400 and a lot of other fishing gear. If the wind had been in any other direction than that in which it blew the whole settlement would have been swept. Mr. and Mrs. Vey were here in town at the time and were astonished to hear the news of the affair. It is believed that the place was set afire by some boys who were playing there. Mr. Vey was obliged to buy a new cod trap. He had no insurance.

September 20, 1907
Handsome Schooner

The pretty schooner Elenora E., Capt. Martin, is now in port from Trinity. She was built last winter at Little Heart’s Ease, and is a credit to her builders. This is her first time at St. John’s. She take a general cargo of provisions from Baine, Johnston & Co., and will sail for home about Monday next.

October 1, 1907

News from Random

The schooner Florence, W. Gulliford, master, arrived from Labrador to the N.W. Arm of Random, T.B., Sunday, with 400 four hundred qtls. of fish.

The Annie B also arrived Saturday with a small catch.

Moses Martin’s schooner arrived at Hickman’s Harbor from Labrador in the height of the recent storm, poorly fished.

Pilley’s schooner also arrived at Lady Cove poorly fished.

Burt’s schooner arrived there also last week with a small catch.

The schooner Springfield, John Styles, master, arrived at St. John’s from Northern Bight, T.B., Saturday night last. She met a stiff breeze when off Cape Saint Francis. The clew rope of the staysail was burst and the sail had to be taken in. She then ran to the Narrows and beat in under double-reefed mainsail, single-reefed foresal and flying jib. She brought a load of lumber for C. Hannaford of Northern Bight.


October 17, 1907

The marriage of Mr. Chesley Manuel, youngest son of the late Josiah Manuel, of Exploits, and Mary Frost, youngest daughter of Mr. Levi Frost of this town, took place at 2 o’clock yesterday. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Mr. Cowperthwaite, and took place at the residence of Mr. Frost, in the presence of a large number of guests. The bride looked extremely pretty dressed in white silk, as she entered the room leaning on the arm of her father. Miss Maud Butt, was maid of honor, and little Marion Dawe, daughter of Mr. Robert Dawe, of Bay Roberts, appeared all-important as flower-girl. The groom was attended by Dr. Overton, of Exploits, who accompanied Mr. Manuel here for the occasion. After the ceremony had been performed, luncheon was served and the wedding party to the number of about 30, occupying nine carriages, drove through the town and on to the railway station, where they boarded the 5 o’clock express for their future home at Exploits. The bride looked very happy in her travelling costume of green cloth, and hat to match. A large number of friends were at the station to bid them bon voyage over the sea of matrimony. As they were boarding the car they received a goodly sprinkling of the lucky rice. Long life and much happiness is the general wish to the newly-married pair.
Miss Jane Frost, eldest daughter of Mr. Levi Frost, is expected to arrive from New York on a visit to her parents and friends.

November 25, 1907, Page 6

Zebedee Green Missing.

THIS morning at breakfast time Captain John Downey, of the schooner Veronica, of Scilly Cove, T.B., lying at Horwood’s lower premises, formerly Tasker & Co.’s, reported to the police that Zebedee Green, a passenger on the Veronica from Scilly Cove, T.B., was missing, Green is a young man of twenty-two years of age and came on the Veronica to sell his fish which came also on the schooner, part of which he sold to Mr. Fearn and the remainder is on board the craft. He was married Saturday week, his father and mother are living. Last night he went on board about midnight and went to bed. He slept with one of the crew named Peter Tucker who didn’t miss him until about 4 o’clock this morning. None of the crew heard him getting up out of bed. He took a pair of boots belonging to one of the crew, leaving his own behind ; he took no coat or vest. Where he could have gone in such a condition is a mystery. Thinking that he may have fallen overboard the captain and crew of the schooner got jiggers and began groping in the cove where the schooner is lying.


November 25, 1907-11-25, Page 4

Diver Looking for Green. DIVER GLYNN went down in the water at 2 o’clock this afternoon to search round the dock where the schooner Veronica lies, to try to find the body of the missing nun Zebedee Green. Molasses Overboard.


November 26, 1907, Page 4

Missing Man Not Yet Found

The man Green who mysteriously disappeared from the schr. Veronica yesterday morning has not yet been found. Yesterday afternoon Driver Glynn was down and made a complete search of the bottom, but saw no tidings of him. He also spent this morning searching and made an examination of Baine, Johnston’s dock, but without success. The pair of boots which Green was supposed to have put on before leaving the craft were found yesterday, the man not having taken them.


November 27, 1907-11-27

Reward of $20.

Scilly Cove Lodge, No. 2, S.U.F. offers a reward of $20.00 which will be paid to the person who discovers the body of Zebedee Green, of Scilly Cove. The said Zebedee Green mysteriously disappeared from the schr. “Veronica,” Cliff’s wharf, on the morning of 25th inst., and is believed to have been drowned.



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