The Evening Telegram, 1919

May 29th, 1919

Nfld. Ratings
Ambrose Hiscock, P.O., 1498.X; Percy Coles, Ldg. Seaman, 1707.X; Seamnen—Chas. Brett, 850.X; Edward Gale, 1622.X; Jas. W. Wiscombe, 2495.X; Manuel Martin, 2006.X; Arthur Prasuyon, 1898.X; Alex. Garf, 3108.X; Leander Drover, 2219.X; Samuel Parsons, 2374.X; John Bartlett, 1128.X; James Taylor, 1228.X; William Chaulk, 2764.X; William G. Miller, 2722.X; Thos. P. Burke, 2244.X; David Whalen, 759.X; Clarence S. Hillier, 2326.X; John Hollahan, 2235.X; Cecil E. Rose, 1955.X; John S. Gillam, 2230.X; Peter J. Howell, 1710.X; George A. Pitts, 1360.X; Michael Tobin, 743.X; James Youden, 1040.X; Vincent Dobbin, 770.X; Jacob Genge, 1080.X; Joseph Green, 2342.X; William McFatridge, 2118.X; Thos. Whalen, 1170.X; Henry V. Vokey, 2397.X; Douglas Parsons, 794.X; Albert Young, 1245.X; Joseph Miller, 2388.X; Isaac Sheppard, 2418.X; Jos. Patten, 1570.X; Alphaeus Yetman, 2043.X; William Parsons, 1517.X; Israel Ralph, 987.X; Archibald Locke, 2717.X; Sidney Randell, 1084.X; Francis Head, 851.X; George Bignell, 1831.X; Mark King, 2162.X; Kenneth F. Young, 1515.X; George Matthews, 1895.X; Richard Parsons, 2551.X; James Hiscock, 2333.X; John T. Smith, 1841.X; Abraham Hobbs, 513.X; Patk. Gearin, 1456.X; Brendon Bartlett, 1152.X; Jethro Green, 2352.X; Patk. J. Walsh, 2516.X; Andrew R. Brake, 2379.X; Richard Hunt, 2510.X; William A. Bridger, 2778.X; Arthur J. Sheppard, 2415.X; William H. Little, 1553.X; Eli Noseworthy, 2485.X; Gilbert Stringer, 2092.X; John T. Keates, 2479.X.


June 30, 1919

 article_clipping_0Wedding Bells

A pretty wedding took place Sunday evening at the R.C. Cathedral, when ex-Private Bernard Shaw of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Little Hearts Ease, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Miss Katie Hallern of St. Vincent’s, daughter of Frances and Mary Hallern. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Greene. The bride was charmingly attired in white silk with hat to match. She was attended by her cousin. Miss Florence Hallern, who was neatily attired in pink Georgette crepe and black picture hat. The groom was ably supported by Mr. Fred Newton, brother-in-law of the groom. After the ceremony the wedding party drove to the home of the brides brother, 15 Baxter’s Hill, when a reception was held and very enjoyable evening was spent. The bride was the recipient of many useful and valuable presents. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Shaw a bon voyage over the matrimonial sea.

September 23, 1919

ET 1919 09 23Fishing Boat Burned.

Hon. J. G. Stone, Minister of Marine and Fisheries, is in receipt of the following message from Southpoint, T.B. “Moses Baker, of Hearts East, coming from St John’s on Saturday night, boat took fire and was lost The boat contained an engine and fishing gear, valued at $700.00. The crew barely escaped with their lives.”


December 6, 1919

Wedding Bells
Green – Green

A pretty wedding was solemnized in the school chapel at St. Jones Without, T.B., on Thursday, Nov. 27th [1919], by the Rev. G.S. Templeton, when Miss Blanche Green was united in holy matrimony to Mr. Leander Green. The bride, who was given away by Mr. John Green, was very neatly attired for the occasion. The bridegroom who distinguished himself in the Great War, was worthy of a daughter of the land which he fought to save. The bride was the recipient of a number of useful presents. The reception was held at the home of the groom’s father, Mr. Mark Green. May the young married couple live long to enjoy many years of wedded happiness.


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