The Evening Telegram, 1913

January 23, 1913, Page 4

Widow’s Mite
S. W. A. Random Complains.
Editor Evening Telegram

Dear Mr. Editor, — I wish to bring under the notice of the Government how the Relieving Officer at Fox Harbour keeps us so long without our money; it should be sent to us when the time is expired every quarter, not to spend days and days waiting and then have to call and take it in truck. I think it’s high time to abolish the truck system, and a selling man should not be a Relieving Officer.

Yours truly,
A Poor Widow.
S. W. A. Random, Jan. 20th, 1913


May 29, 1913


Under the provisions of Chapter 23, 2 Edward VII., entitled “An Act to  amend the Post Office Act, 1891,” and upon the recommendation of the Board appointed under Section I. thereof, notice is hereby given that, three months after this date, a Proclamation will issue for the alteration of name or re-naming of places as under, that Is to say

  1. That North West Arm, Green Bay, Twillingate District, be re-named BURLINGTON.
  2. That Northern Bight, Random Sound, Trinity Bay, be re-named HILLVIEW.
  3. That Seal Cove, Bonavista Bay, be re-named PRINCETON.
  4. WATSON, Colonial Secretary.

Department of the Colonial Secretary. March 14th. 1913.


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