The Evening Telegram, 1916

Feburary 2, 1916


Minister of Justice Squires received a message last night from Hillview, Trinity Bay, informing him that the house of Eleazer Gosse of Queen’s Cove, Random, as well as the contents, including $200, was destroyed by fire on Sunday last, January 30th. The entire lose is estimated at about $1,000 and upon which there was no insurance carried.



February 12, 1916

“Within the Law”

At Northern Bight – the express which left here on Thursday evening made very poor progress owing to the inclemeney of the weather and was hung up at Northern Bight station Thursday night and all day yesterday. The Klark Urban Co., who were on board, gave an extempore production of “Within the Law,” which was much enjoyed by the villagers.


March 11, 1916

Motor Boats For Little Heart’s Ease.—We learn from sealers that are here from Little Heart’s Ease, T.B., that several motor boats are being built. Messrs. B. King, Wm. Thos. and George Drodge are each building boats for codtrap fishing.



July 4, 1916

Labrador Sailings 

The following schooners left Trinity last week for the Labrador:- H.J. Bailey, Majestic, Seven Brothers, British Empire, Twilight, Garnet, Prowl, Freda D, Edith May, St. Joseph, Willie Martin, and Beatrice.


September 4, 1916

VEY, John – The passed away on Sunday at Southport, Trinity Bay, in the person of Mr. John Vey, one whom for good sterling qualities it is hard to beat. Mr. Vey was one of the old school, upright, honest and just in all his dealings, and will be sadly missed by many. The writer knew Mr. Vey for over forty years and can testify to the above. For his widow and children the deepest sympathy is felt.




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