Ancestors smiling down on the 4th Annual Long Beach Day

Reprinted from The Packet, August 21, 2019
by Wanda Garrett, Co-chair of Long Beach Day


The ladies’ afternoon tea

What would Lavinia and James Vey, her sister Lucinda and Elias Avery, and their friends Sarah and George Barfitt think if they saw all the visitors at Long Beach on Saturday, August 10th? Would they be amazed to see so many people walking around the little community that they started over 150 years ago? Would they be delighted to see so many of their descendants come back to celebrate their community and its residents?

Yes, I am sure they were all smiling down at us this past weekend.

The community held its first reunion back in 2011 and everyone had such a great time it was decided to make it an annual event. Former residents continue to return every year from across the province as well as across Canada for the celebration. From our oldest visitors, who were in their 90s, to our youngest residents, everyone enjoyed a great day!

The fishing derby junior division winner, Matthew Grandy

The morning started bright and early for some with our annual fishing derby. Matthew Grandy caught the largest fish in the Junior Division, children under 12 years of age, and Blake Drover caught the largest fish in the Senior Division. Those that participated in the fishing derby enjoyed a beautiful calm morning on Trinity Bay.  

As part of our celebration, we held the 2nd Annual Oceanview 5K / 1K. Participates came from across the province to join in with this event. The winners of the 5k were Jenelle Grandy of Grand Falls-Windsor (and Long Beach) and Joey Bungay of Grand Bank. Winners of the children’s 1K were Sarah Grandy of Grand Falls-Windsor (and Long Beach) and Daniel Ingram of Random Island. Congratulations to all participants.

Everyone enjoyed a relaxing BBQ at the Marina for lunch. This was the first opportunity for many of the visitors to catch up with their extended family members as well as old and new friends – you could hear lots of chatter and laughter as they were remembering old times and bringing each other up to date with current happenings.

One of the favourite events of the day (for the ladies) is always the “Ladies Afternoon Tea.” Oh, what beautiful and fancy outfits! The ladies were dressed in their finest and of course there were many beautiful summer hats. Lavinia, Lucinda, and Sarah would have been very proud of each and everyone one of the ladies!

There was also the horseshoe contest – which was won this year by the “up the beach crew” so the challenge is on from “down the beach crew” for next year. Members of the winning team were Henry Spurrell and Bruce Vey.

The barbecue at the marina as part of Long Beach Day.

The younger residents and visitors also took part in lots of special activities – from rock painting to a rubber duckie race. There were lots of smiling faces.

Long Beach Day finished with a bang – a community bonfire followed by fireworks. Special thanks to the members of the Southwest Arm Fire Department for their help with the fireworks.

The evening closed out with a children’s dance followed by an adult event on the beach that went on into the wee hours. It concluded just before a down pour of rain – I wonder if our ancestors were telling us it was time to “give it up” for another year!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of the 2019 Long Beach Day. Also, thanks to Warren Vey’s (a former resident) daughters for the donation of two large solar lights for the Long Beach Marina in his memory – this generous gift is greatly appreciated by both the current and former residents. 

See you all in 2020!