General/Convenience/Grocery Stores of Southport

According to Deck Awash, November-December 1986 – “The first merchant at Southport was Alcock who set up business around 1900. He acted as a merchant-trader visiting coastal communities in his schooner, trading supplies for fish. A second merchant, Adey from Hickman’s Harbour, set up around the same time but sold out to John Vey of Long Beach around 1910. He [John Vey] carried on the business until 1918 then sold it to Mary Smith who passed it on to her brother, Kenneth Smith. The firm continued in operation until the mid-1960s.”


Avery’s Grocery

Avery’s Grocery, 1996 (Photo credit Elaine Peddle Spurrell)

(Photo credit Elaine Peddle Spurrell)


John and Mary Ann Vey

The business was carried out in the long white building

John and Mary Ann (Wilcox) Vey moved from Long Beach to Fox Harbour around 1910. They purchased a business in Fox Harbour in 1911 from Sophia Adey of Hickman’s Harbour. John is listed as the postmaster in Fox Harbour/Southport from 1913-1917.

According to an article in the Decks Awash magazine in 1986, “Fox Harbour finally changed its name to Southport around 1916, the result of a petition led by local merchant John Vey. The community was tired of having its mail go astray; there being two other Fox Harbours in Newfoundland.”

John passed away in Southport in September 1916. Mary Ann carried on the business until 1918, when she sold it to Mary Smith.


Nelson Avery

Nelson Avery operated a general story known as N.M. Avery Ltd. which supplied groceries, dry goods, salt, coal, fuel, and fishing supplies. In addition, he bought and sold fish from local fisherman.


Chesley Avery

Frances and Hubert Avery

Harvey and Joyce Avery

William and Melvie Balson

Deans – around the harbour

Annie Dean

Agnes Dean

Art Dean

Melvie Lambert

Edith Lambert

Ethel Lambert – small store in her house

Samuel Lambert

Kenneth Smith