The Flags are Flying

With just a few weeks remaining for the unveiling of the Southwest Arm War Memorial, we have achieved another milestone with the raising of the flags over the memorial site. It was great to see the flags blowing in the gentle breeze.
One of our main goals was to place the monument on site debt-free for all to visit. We are getting closer but still need others to contribute to truly make this debt-free.
We are reminding individuals that many have contributed towards this war memorial on behalf of veterans from the two world wars and those that have served since. Others have made a donation in memory of loved ones. In fact, over 300 individuals have contributed to date with donations still arriving. For this, we are extremely grateful.
We are reminding those that are planning on making a donation to do so as soon as possible so that all bills can be paid. We will need every dime to make this a debt-free monument and we all can say:
“I helped contribute to making the Southwest Arm War Memorial a success”

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