Where Once They ….

The second book in the series Where Once They… is now in the hands of DRC Publishing and will be available in early November, 2020.
The book entitled Where Once They Served-Stories of our boys who served at home and abroad contains intriguing stories of 30 of our boys from the Southwest Arm area of Trinity Bay who served with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment. In addition, 4 of our boys were working on the mainland when they enlisted with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces (CEF).
The 212 page book includes over 100 photos, images and charts illustrating the stories of our boys who stepped forward to serve. Stories range from our boys who died on the battlefield to our boys who served with the home defence guarding strategic infrastructure such as the Heart’s Content Cable Station. The book includes a foreword by former Lieutenant Governor and former Honorary Colonel of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Mr. Edward Roberts.
The foundation for the book began in 2014 and is the cumulative result of several years of research, writing, and publishing of articles in both newspapers and magazines. The book would not have been possible if was not for the guidance and assistance provided by the Southwest Arm Historical Society.
At this time I would like to extend a special thank you to the families who invited me into their homes and shared with me memories of their loved ones who served. The photos and information added immensely too their stories.
Together, we have recorded the stories of our boys who served with the Royal Newfoundland Regiment and Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve. This collaborative military history about the Great War will enable future generations to be aware of the contributions and sacrifices that our boys made during a troublesome time in our history.
To reserve your copy, please contact me through messenger, email (lestergreen59@hotmail.com) or call 709-548-2534.
Lest We Forget


  1. Louise Drover-Grandy says:

    Loved the personal stories you collected Lester.
    That is what sets this latest book apart as the individual information about each person and sacrifices made by their families tells more than just
    Military recorded information.

    Thank you
    Louise Drover-Grandy

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