James Drover, 2736X

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Son of Willis and Elizabeth Jane (Whalen) Drover
Birthplace: Hodge’s Cove
Birth Date: January 6, 1901
Enlistment Date: March 26, 1917
Demobilization: April 10, 1919

Newfoundland Royal Naval Engagements (Application) – not available

Where once they SailedHodge’s Cove son serves in the two world wars

Reprinted with permission from the book Hodge’s Cove by Eric Stringer, 2011

Name:   DROVER, James
Service #:   2736
Branch of Service:   Newfoundland Navy
Marital Status when enlisted:   Single

Duration of Service:  Having cheated a couple of months on his age, saying that he was sixteen years old (he was actually two months short of that), Jim joined the Royal Navy in 1943. He served until the end of the war.

Medals awarded:   He was awarded two, both of them encased in an oval glass frame beside an enlarged black and white picture of himself. The titles of the particular medals he earned being on the back of them, that information isn’t known.

Other noteworthy information:   As well, Jim served as a foreman in the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit (service # 1840) in Scotland in World War II.
(as provided by his son Hayward)