Colonist, 1886

May 26, 1886

Royal Gazette Notice:– His Excellency the Governor, in Council, has been pleased to appoint … Messrs. Hezekiah Avery, William Balsom, Richard Seaward, Jr., David Spurrell, and Isaac Benson, to be a Board of Road Commissioners for Fox Harbour and vicinity, (St. Jones Without to Heart’s Ease, both inclusive); Messrs. Jas Drover, David Peddle, Josiah Drudge, John Vey, Newman Gooby, to be a Board of Road Commissioners for Hodge’s Cove and vicinity, (from Hodge’s Cove to Southern Bight, both inclusive); …

Secretary’s Office, 25th May, 1886





June 14, 1886, Page 1

Trinity, June 14. At Heart’s Ease but little fish taken to date. On Thursday and Friday a few large fish were taken in deep water. Veteran fishermen reckon this a favorable sign of a good season’s fishery. At Deer Harbor, British Harbor, and this neighbourhood, generally, not a fish caught.

The Bishop of Harbor Grace, accompanied by father Veitch. arrived last evening, from a visitation of the Bay, in the mail schooner “Louise,” Captain Fardy, and departed immediately overland for King’s Cove



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