One Room Schools

Heritage Project by Alice Spurrell, 2018


In completing this heritage fair project, I interviewed two, one room school teachers. It helped me understand that although some things were more difficult such as maintaining the schools and bringing in wood to keep it warm all day, other aspects were easier than now. An example of this was the absence of a  principal, which reduce the pressure for the teacher. Also, where there wasn’t a lot of students and older kids helped the younger ones with their work.

Model of a one-room school.

Both Myrna and Pearl said in their interview that they would rather teach in a one room school because of those reasons which I found interesting. Another thing about one room schools I found interesting was the fact that there was little to no bullying. Nowadays in modern schools there are many cases of bullying and we have a day devoted to the acknowledgement of bullying. In the one room schoolhouse besides the scattered argument between boys over a girl, most all the kids got along.


Interview with Myra Vey

Interview with Pearl Spurrell