Private Alfred Butler, A Blue Puttee

Reprinted from The Packet, March 5, 2016 by Lester Green Alfred Francis Butler was born on the Northern Peninsula in the small town of Griquet on December 19, 1892 to Garland and Sarah (Reid) Butler. His closest sibling was his brother, Rev. William Arthur Butler, and he lived with him after his parents’ deaths.Rev. Butler […]

Where once they served

Reprinted from The Packet, February 26, 2016 by Lester Green Horatius Seward, Southwest Arm’s Blue Puttee Horatius Seward was the first person from the Southwest Arm area to answer the proclamation appealing to young men to enlist in the war.   Born in November 1888 , he spent his his early years at Gooseberry Cove. […]

Deer Harbour trail sees commemoration

Reprinted from The Packet, February 24, 2016       Snowmobile run held with memorial for Max Seward Earlier this month, while dodging some dodgy weather, the people of Southwest Arm went ahead with their memorial snowmobile run on the Deer Harbour trail. Originally scheduled for the end of January, the run had to be […]

A love that’s been going strong for nearly 75 years

Reprinted from The Packet, February 14, 2016 by Kevin Curley   When it comes to records for most years married, George and Nellie Seward would probably be contenders. In 1942 the Second World War was in full swing, William Lyon Mackenzie King was Canada’s Prime Minister and Beatle Paul McCartney was born.It was also the […]

Having fun still the name of the game

Reprinted from The Packet, January 21, 2016 by Lester Green   Gooseberry Cove Pond was a sight from our childhood on Saturday afternoon as the car rolled slowly downhill by the Anglican Church.       The sound of kids laughing, pucks hitting hockey sticks, and the swishing sounds of skates cutting the ice could […]

100th anniversary of Beaumont Hamel fast approaching

Reprinted from The Packet, December 20, 2015 by Lester Green This year with the festival season approaching , let us take time to reflect upon our history and consider the hardship suffered by the people of Random during the Great War of 1914-1918. There were around 125 soldiers who served from our region and many […]

Christmas arrives in Southwest Arm

Reprinted from The Packet, December 7, 2015 by Lester Green It was the fourth annual Christmas parade in the Southwest Arm and according to the organizers — the Sou’West Arm Recreation Committee — it was the biggest to date. This year’s event on Sunday, Dec. 6, was a lighted parade. In the past three years the parade […]

The Forgotten Ponies of Southwest Arm Region

by Lester Green For generations unfenced and sometimes even fenced pasture/ garden lands around the Southwest Arm communities could be seen with herds of horses that were to free to roam the land from the late spring to early fall. Their owners would release them to search for food. Today these ponies are known as […]

A mother’s wish keeps a son safe from harm

Reprinted from The Packet, November 6, 2015 by Lester Green   Isaac Joseph Smith was born in Gooseberry Cove on July 29, 1899, son of Moses and Dinah Piddle. His parents were living in Heart’s Content but returned to Gooseberry Cove because his mother had developed consumption (tuberculosis).In 1909, when Isaac was nine, his mother […]

Royal Newfoundland Regiment

Reprinted from The Packet, October 29, 2016 by Lester Green Southwest Arm Soldiers Armistice Day is fast approaching and numerous facilities throughout this country are being prepared to commemorate the sacrifice made by Canadians and Newfoundlanders throughout the various wars that have plagued the world. People will be wearing Poppies as a symbol that they […]